So You Don’t Eat Breakfast?

So you don’t eat Breakfast? 🍳

As an Intermittent Faster one would think that I “skip” breakfast but what does breakfast even mean?

In simple terms it means you BREAK your FAST. The difference is that I just have breakfast later than I used to.

This goes against EVERYTHING you are ever taught… but if you look at everything in today’s world, things change, new studies appear and at the end of the day you have to do what is best for YOU.

So, why on earth would I want to try something that goes against the grain of popular belief?

Truth be told, the first time I fell upon an article on IF I thought the author had LOST her mind… I read the article, laughed and went about my day but something stuck with me.


They were hunters and gatherers, and they did not have the means to wake up and drop a bunch of Cheerios in a bowl, they had to work for their food before they could BREAK their FAST.

This single statement was what started a world of research and it turns out the IF life fit ME perfectly.

➡ Eating Breakfast always made me feel sick
➡ With two kids trying to eat PERIOD is a task that always gets delayed anyways
➡ Eating 6 times a day over a 12-14 hour period left me hungry and led me to snack on unhealthy options and over eat even in healthy food
➡ Diets made me miserable, restricting foods made me miserable and when you pair IF with IIFYM (topic for another day) it’s the perfect harmony
➡ The structure of IF with IIFYM had been vital for me and my addictive personality
➡ It removed my negative relation with food and my body which I found returned when I tried something new
➡ Sometimes I need to eat cake 🎂 and have some pizza 🍕 or a few beers 🍻 and now I can without the guilt and with even better results than when I tried complete elimination

Intermittent Fasting is not a solution for everyone. You must do your research and my advice with any nutrition plan is that it must be something you enjoy and can see yourself loving for a long time.

This is the perfect fit for me and I am sharing as much information I can just in case it helps someone else ❤️

Another day, another topic. Stay tuned!


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